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Financial Breakthrough:

I left Lagos state in 2013 back to Enugu because of hardship. 2 years later nothing was still working in my life, my younger sister Mrs. Ijeoma has been a member of this commission, seeing the work of God in people’s lives, she invited me to join in one of the services. I drove from Enugu to attend a Sunday service @ this commission. In the course of the service the man of God ministered to me by prophecy and told me that I will bounce back to financial increase in 14 days. In less than 14 days as he prophesied I meet a man who connected me to a contractor where I supplied 40 trailer load of cement to a construction company. Since then my life has been all glorious in terms of finances, Glory to God!

[Mr. Chike Okeke]

Asthma Healed and Delay Broken:

I joined this commission in the month of April 2015. Prior to my joining this commission, I have been suffering a health condition that makes me live on drugs everyday of my life for many years. In the month of June in our prophetic services, the man of God ministered to me and told me that the affliction is over. Right from that moment the asthma I suffered for many years ceased. Till today I am free.

Secondly broke the power of delay and lack of progress in my husband’s life. He has been a professional karate fighter who has never been invited to represent Nigeria or Delta state for 15 years. In one of the Sunday service in June, the man of God told my husband that if only one person will be called to represent Nigeria in the 2015/2016 all Africa games in Congo Brazzaville, it must be my husband. To God be the glory, for the first time in 15 years my husband was invited to represent Nigeria.

[Mrs. Faith Sullan]

HIV Positive Destroyed:

In 2014 I was diagnosed of HIV positive. A friend invited me to a Wednesday prophetic service at Treasure house. The man of God ministered to many people but he never touched me. At the end of the service, he gave out miracle water to people. I did not want to collect because I have been to many places because of my condition yet with no solution. My girl friend collected water on my behalf and persuaded me to use it. I used the water once and forgot about it. Within 5 days of my coming into this commission, I felt different in my body so I decided to go for a test. The result came out and declared me HIV negative. I returned all the praises to God.

[Sis. Joy E.]

pregnancy of 28 years delivered from cockroaches:

I was pregnant for 28years. I have gone to many places to no avail. I was living in pain all my life. Until one day my elder sister Deaconess Rita invited me to one of the service. The servant of God prayed for me and gave me miracle water, and when I got home I took the miracle water. After some hour I began to feel some rumbling in my stomach as if it was labor. When I went to the rest room, to my greatest surprise what came out of my system was cockroaches. I gather the cockroaches and I took them to the church in Asaba. Since then I am healthy. Glory be to God


Three afflictions died mysteriously by sis. Doris:

My mother have been having health challenges, nothing was working for my family and we were struggling to survive; until one day I brought my mother to this church and the servant of God prophesied to her that three women are afflicting her home. Then the servant of God prayed for my mum and told her that God will expose the three women afflicting her home. The good news is that last month the three women died mysteriously, one slumped and died on her way to the farm, the other woman died putting her head inside the pot of soup she was cooking in her kitchen and the other one slept and never woke up again all in one day.

After their death my mother’s health returned back to normal; there was a job I believed God for and that same week they called me for an interview and the job was given to me. GLORY TO JESUS.


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