Dealing with Poisonous addiction- [Rev. Obi Peters


Sun-Service: Nov. 10th, 2019 

Text: matt 26:41

Addiction is the slavery of the mind. Many things get us addicted and we don’t know. The template of a man is the mind. Addictions are not cured only by prayers. No addiction begins as addiction; the first step to addiction is a simple and harmless trial. Every drunk started with a shot. Habits are built from the things you like doing.

Stages of addiction


When it becomes a habit it becomes a controller. The devil

is introduced into a man’s life when it becomes a habit Ephe. 5:18.

Addiction is in two ways, conscious addiction and unconscious addictions.


Sleep: the devil uses sleep to keep people away from their success


Eating: glutony some people cannot stay an hour without a running mouth.


Power{position} : when a man in an office no longer has feelings for those under him he has become addicted to power. Herod died because he became a drunk in power.


Anger: if every little thing pisses you off, you are an addict of anger.


Gossip: some men cannot mind their business.


Selfishness: when nobody cares but you want to have everything for yourself.


Human: people commit suicide because someone else left them.


Drugs: people are addicted to drugs for sexual pleasure and highness.


Lying: people lie even though they know the truth because the conscience is dead and addicted.


Success: goes with pride. People are scared of what people will say when they fail whereby getting them addicted to making it by all means. To fall is not to fail and to fail is not a conclusion.


Sex: that every man has his or her way into you doesn’t make you handsome or beautiful. You are an addict.

1 Cor. 6:9-12

Sport bet: people waste a lot of their money on this without achievements, they have been addicted.


Phone: this is the easiest addiction. Nowadays men no longer have time for their spouse or family because they are on their phones which reduces communication, they also get engage with other things associated with the phone.


Social media: whatsapp, facebook, twitter, snapchat, take most of the time of men nowadays because they are always online. It is an addiction!


Pornography: the bible says thy eyes shall not behold iniquity. This is a common addiction nowadays. It is sinful.

We need God for righteousness, it is not by our might- Rom 7:15

Others are politics, partying, trend etc.

You will be a fool to allow all these control you!

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