The Instruments of Overtaking- Rev. Obi Peters


Sun-Service: 0ct 27th, 2019 

Text: Ephe 4:27 KJV

Satan cannot attack a man or take hold of a man until that man gives him room to do so. Every man is a victim to what he allows. No devil has the capacity to hold a man down except he gives him the room. If you must overtake in life, you must apply the right instruments. When God gives you everything to overtake and if you have not properly engineered yourself, you will never be able to overtake. The bible says, ‘’…put on the whole armour of God… (Eph. 6: 10 – 11 KJV). What is armour? Armours are the necessary

instrument to conquer. When you engage with the right equipment or instrument, you will come out with the right result.

You must have an instrument that measures right with the devil. Shouting fire does not chase a single devil away, by covenant you are fire personified (Psalm. 104 vs 4) when you appear with the right instrument of fire, every devil burns to ashes.

When you understand your IDENTITY you stand as an ENTITY and not a NONENTITY.

We are men and fire, therefore the world needs us. You must know how to use your instrument to attract God. Your prayer is not enough to attract God.

1. Thanksgiving: Anytime you switch to instrument of thanksgiving God will multiply you (Jeremiah. 30: 19, 1 Thessalonians 5:18). When you thank God in the time of affliction He rescues you. The will of God is when you are down, still raise your head to say God, I thank you for am still alive. One major instrument in the face of pain is thanksgiving Phil. 4:6 says be anxious for nothing. When you learn how to give God thanks you Provoke God, Ps 107 vs 8 – 9.

2Locate a word to war: 2 peter 1vs 19. The word of God is your backup, God’s word in your life is your assurance, for every condition there is a word, if you can locate the right instrument of God’s word you will succeed. If you cannot locate the word you cannot locate the messenger Ps 107 vs 20.

3. Believe in the Word: When you find the word, believe in the word, the bible says faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the word Romans 10:17. Whenever you believe in God’s word God gives you profit- 2 chronicles 20vs20. Luke 1vs12 Mary believe in God. Men don’t believe God because they don’t serve the Lord. Bible says you will do well when you take heed.

4. Courage: Discouragement is infectious, never allow another man’s discouragement to weigh you down because courage is another instrument of success. The bible says a righteous man shall fall 7 times but shall rise again, do not allow discouragement to keep you down. Be strong and courageous in every issues of Life.

5. Giving: it is a show of pride when you don’t give to God. To give to God is a display of humility, Ps 37 vs 4. The bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive, give and it shall be given unto you. Your giving must not come when you expected, the bible says in Genesis 8:22 seedtime and harvest will not cease, therefore there is always a harvest when you give.

When you add God to your race it becomes a grace.

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