The Habit of Praise - With Rev. Obi Peters

Sun- 2nd Service: Aug 25, 2019 

Praise is beyond dancing, praise is a revelation. Praise is meant to be an attitude, character and something you are known for. True praise is commended when you are afflicted. When you are a praiser you break new grounds and discover new levels. Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego refused bowing to an idol even in the face of fire. Praise was designed to be in your mouth in bitterness and in trouble. Your attitude will change the situation. Any time a believer fails to praise, he falls. When you praise you rise. Praise is the attitude you wear in every condition; at all situation praise. If you know nothing of praise you will

give up on praise. Praise comes in dimensions. Men that praise time to time praise because something motivates them to praise. Praise cannot flow from a natural man but a spiritual man. Worship of God should be based on your knowledge of him. If you don’t know God you give up praise. Any man that wants to be out of trouble must engage in the mystery of praise. Where they say you can’t enter you will enter with praise. Stop blaming any pastor, your prayers have been answered before you prayed. Your attitude of praise is a commander of unusual harvest. Praise can be used to God so that when God comes you can tell its God.



1. Manifold Praise: Is to announce God, to boast about your God. That was the kind of praise brought before the prophets.

2. Yadah Praise: is the praise of surrender.

3. Barak Praise: the praise that acknowledges the good things of God (Thanksgiving).

4. Tehilah praise: is the praise with song and music usually done in church.

5. Zamar: this praise does not require voice (praise from instruments).

6. Todah: is the praise of attitude, faith or trust in God, you don’t look at what you have been through, you don’t look miserable.

7 Jabak: praise of humility.

8. Halleluiah: is the praise of exaltation.

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