Taking Initiative - With Rev. Obi Peters

Sun- 1st Service: Aug 25, 2019 

Text: This is the ability to lead in life. Man cannot lead until leadership is initiated. Some men are behind because they didn’t use the initiative God put in them. Initiative means discovery (Prov. 29:18). What you don’t know you can’t actualize. Conception gives room for delivery, otherwise what you will produce is waste. To take initiative involves knowing purpose, thereby introducing value. Where purpose is not known value will be lost. Man was designed by God to dominate, and by this man was designed by God for leadership. You don’t become a leader by birth you become a leader when you discover your role. Life is a question; the men that lead are the ones that answer the question. When you understand purpose it will help you create value.

Leaders are not born they are made by personal efforts; you must present to the world an improved version of yourself. Leadership is not a function of position but your vision. If you don’t see you can’t lead and when you fail to lead you disappoint God .If you don’t shine men will grope in darkness because other men are to be inspired by you.

You don’t become a leader by birth you become a leader when you discover your role.

Leadership is beyond tittle, leaders are known by their response to issues. Any man that runs from issues denies himself the role of leadership, by this no leader by role of creation and redemption should be a complainer. Leadership puts in you the consciousness of advancement and it is not automatic by age. (Job 32:7-10) salvation puts in us a consciousness of newness; we all have the ability to lead in us. There are two classes of leaders-ones who are called by God and ones who are chosen. God measures leadership by faithfulness.

Leaders should be submissive; your place of service does not have to suit you to be submissive. Be a backup leader (supporter). No negative attitude should be made against leaders ordained by God.

Rebellion- this is beyond sin (iniquity) there should be no rebellion against Gods anointed.

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