The Language of Praise

Sun- 2nd Service: Aug 11, 2019 

Text: 📖 Psalm 75:1 NIV

Whenever a man is down, there is a tendency for him to complain. Whenever a man switch on to praise, he is inviting God for a raise. There is a language ordained in the lips of men that whenever he switches on, something happens. Praise comes by revelation. Praise is a language; it is beyond what we do in church. God inhabits in the praises of His people. There is no true praiser that will not enjoy divine mercy. Praise is God's will for us. Praise is that thing that turns you from an ordinary man to an oracle. Any man who is a praiser is a revealer of divine character. The strength of God is hidden in the praise of men. Jehoshaphat was a man headed for battle; I wonder why a man will put choir members in the front and archers at the back. When you provoke God by praise, His glory will begin to consume your enemies. You have complained enough; stop complaining and start praising!



Whenever a man switch on to praise, he is inviting God for a raise.


The reason why some of you are still the way you is because you are looking for God's pity and not mercy. Praise will be polluted when you are anxious. There is something about praise; no man can withstand a crazy praiser. As you praise God today, whatever is down in your life, there will go down! Life is meant to give you pressure but praisers don’t end in their shame. The reason why fire did not burn the three Hebrew boys was because they had praise in their mouth. Paul and Silas were imprisoned but as they began to praise, something happened. When you send your praise, it prepares your prison before you arrive.

Praise does not come easy. The praise that transforms a man's life does not come easy. One of the most misunderstood men on earth are true praisers. Job was in a tough situation but he said, ''though He slayed me but yet will I praise.''


1.Praise is a pleasing language in the ear of God: When your faith is down, God makes a provision for praise...Pslm 69:30-31. To praise God is a also a pleaser like faith is.

When you have tried and is almost giving up, please don’t be weak. When to go to church has become a burden, off your television and go into your closet and begin to praise. From today, there is a force of praise that is about to raise someone up.



The praise that transforms a man's life does not come easy. One of the most misunderstood men on earth are true praisers.

2. Praise is a language of authority: any true praiser is always in the front. Men who complain in the midst of affliction relinquish their authority to the devil to keep afflicting them. Each time you apportion blame, you are taking away your right of authority to someone else. Complaining robs you of your blessing. We as God's children are meant to operate in God's mandate of restoration.



3. Praise is a language of thanksgiving: Psalm 100:4. You cannot be thankful and not be full; it is against divine order. Any door that is shut can be unlocked by thanksgiving.

4. Praise is a language of honour

5. Praise is a language of righteousness

6. Praise is a language of Beauty: Praise refines your beauty. Proverbs 27:21. Your praise is your quality. It provokes your admiration.

7. Praise is a language of Friendship: because it brings you closer to the King of kings and Lord of lords Psalm 81:10. Until you have a personal standing with God, your praise will be marginalized.

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