The Spirit of Sodom: With Rev. Obi Peters


Sunday 1st Service: 7th July, 2019 

Text: Genesis 13:1-18

The battle that confronts a child of God is not because of his identity but because of his prophecy. Every child of God is a carrier of a divine word. The devil comes at you because there is a prophetic word over your destiny. The battle of Abraham was all targeted because of the prophetic word upon his life. When you walk with the prophetic word upon your life, you don’t need to fight any one that fights you; it is that prophetic word that will fight the person. It wasn’t Abraham that fought Pharaoh but the prophecy over his life. Your prophecy is both your destiny and your weapon (arsenal). What grants you your victory; is your prophecy. Any time a man does not want to continue with leadership, that is the spirit of the Egyptian.



Egypt has the ability to discern your prophecy; when Egypt sees you, it knows you. When Pharaoh saw Joseph, he knew that there was something about this guy. When Hagar saw that she has taken in, she despised her mistress Sarah. She thought to herself, now my son will become the heir. Read>>>Gen 13:1-18 Lot was so foolish that he was so deceived by the wealth he had. If Lot was wise, why would he pick up a quarrel between himself and his master? The successes of Lot blindfolded him because he now felt he was a landlord and owns plenty goods; he didn’t know his success was as a result of the grace of Abraham. There are some times that you leave grace and things are still working…but watch, whether you backslided or not, when you leave the grace that covers you, you are nothing. Sometimes we have made some choices and decisions that were borne out of pride; you want to show him that you can still do without him whom you separated from. The lust of Lot was the problem of Lot. The lust of the eyes; he saw the plain of Jordan, that it was so good. Lot was carried away by the things he saw but God said to Abraham, lift up your eyes and behold. Lot was a still spiritual because he was able to recognize the angels when he saw them… see Gen19:1. Being spiritual is not a guaranty that you are saved, but submitting and acknowledging the grace you are under.There are things that your prayer cannot do for you.


∫It is not the weakness of a man that makes him but the God in that man.∫


The number one spirit of Sodom that you must know-

1.The spirit of Sodom lacks sustenance: It is not what you left that sustains you, but give it some time and the thing will leave you. The force of Sodom lacks sustenance. Lot was trying to sustain everything but he could not. Don’t wait until you lose everything; move while you still have it. Everything about Lot a great man was swallowed for leaving the grace that sheltered him.

2.The spirit of Sodom is the spirit of spiritual concubines: Genesis 19:36. Anytime you compromise your faith, it is the spirit of Sodom. You don’t care what you do to get what you want- all you care about is to get your goals met; that is the spirit of Sodom. How can children that drank with their father (Lot) and trained by Abraham not see anything wrong by committing incest with their father? Sodom makes a man die. Lot no longer goes to the field; he became a maid-guard because he lost everything. Any thing that enters Sodom does not come out alive. The spirit of Sodom is the spirit of mission, lust and wrong desires.

3. The spirit of disregard for spiritual instructions: Anytime a man leaves and does not regard instruction that comes out of the mouth of his pastor, he has moved from Bethel to the place of Sodom. Whenever you are instructed by leadership and you do your own, you are living in Sodom. You may not see it but spiritually, you are dead. Be conscious of the instructions you refuse to obey. Instructions are the structure that structures your future. God does not understand your excuses, because the scripture says, “Thou are inexcusable o man”.


How do you deal with your prophecy?

In order not to lose the life of your prophecy-

1.identify and deal early enough with those who have the Egyptian tendency: When Hagar was dealing with Sarah her mistress, Sarah took the fight to Abraham. Any man in your life who is always attacking your testimony, gift and prophecy, that man is an Egyptian; run from him because he will kill your prophecy.

2.Separate your emotion with your prophecy: never allow your emotion to go ahead of you. Emotion is also a motion that can mislead you. Lot was a man that had a prophecy but he allowed his emotion to get in the way of his portion. When you allow emotion, it will destroy your portion.

3.The spirit of Egypt can produce another kind of prophecy: so watch your prophecy! Pharaoh almost slept with Sarah but that one did not work. Hagar was also so beautiful that Abraham by Sarah’s permission, slept with Hagar. If Abraham was not spiritually sensitive, Ishmael would have taken the place of Isaac. There are times you meet things that want to exchange or take the place of your glory.


See: Genesis 19:1-18

Lot was part of the prophecy of Abraham. Lot never knew that Abraham had interceded for him. Our vulnerability is when we have lost the totality of our prophetic covering. One thing the devil wants to steal or truncate in any man’s life is his prophecy. A man’s destruction is at the instant of his prophecy destruction. Lot wouldn’t have lost all; he would have still had his tent, cattle, men and maid servant with him, if he had dealt with the conflict between his servant and that of Abraham; but he allowed the little success he saw and lost out of his prophetic designation. The bible said that we are the plantings of the Lord, and the tree of righteousness. Men go into oblivion when they loose their prophetic designation. You fade out of the news and lose your voice because you have lost your prophetic designation. If Lot had not left his prophetic designation as Abraham continued, he would have still continued. Don’t allow any pain to move you out of your prophetic designation. While John the Baptist was in the wilderness, people came to look for him there. Do you know that God will not stand by you if you move out of your prophetic designation? John the Baptist left the wilderness and went to the palace; I believe that if John had not gone to the palace, he wouldn’t have lost his life. Every man must diligently secure his prophecy.

How do you secure your prophecy?

1. You need to identity your prophecy early enough- Deal with any man that has an Egyptian tendency.

2. Never allow emotion to distract you- Be careful of what you love and what you hate, because emotion has very strong forces that distort a man.

3. Never prefer any promise over your prophecy.

4. Work on your lust and deal with them- Lust can remove any man out of his Eden. If lust can remove Adam and Eve from Eden, then lust can remove any man. The lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any [man] will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me”.( Matthew 16:24KJV)

The cross is four dimensional; it faces the east, west, north and south. So when the bible said, ‘’carry your cross’’, it means you cannot tell where the challenge will come from. The cross means that God does not owe you any explanation. The challenge can come from anywhere. Even when the issues come from anywhere, we must all carry our cross and follow Him. In following, your will is not required. To follow must be within the boundary of God’s will. You must follow after God’s will; your will must be kept aside. Paul was a man that did many miracles but he had a torn on his flesh and had besought the Lord thrice to remove it but God said, “My grace is sufficient for you”. The torn on his flesh was his cross he had to carry.


Lot saw the plain of Jordan that it was beautiful and he now left his place of prophetic designation. To follow is very important. You must check the area of love that you have in your life because this attractions can distract your place of service. The lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life, were the three problems Lot had, there were also what Adam and Eve had.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Further Study: 1John 2:14-17, John 1:12, Heb.10:25,

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