Building in conflict- Pt.2

Sunday Service:  | 23rd June, 2019 

God will not endow you with wisdom if there is nothing to create. You need to understand that there is no time in a man’s life when he is confronted with conflict, than when he wants to build. Confrontation is an invitation that announces to you that the back side is too crowded, so you are meant to come to the front. There is no point for God to give you wisdom if there is nothing to create. God asked Solomon what he wanted, and he said wisdom that he might be able to

lead his people. God does not want you to swell because it is not wisdom. Anything that swells is not wise. When things swell, the inside is empty but when things grow the inside has something. Don’t desire to swell, desire to grow. The bible said that… they shall go from strength to strength. If God himself is a thinker, then you are doing yourself injustice if you don’t think, for He said…”For I know the thoughts that I think towards you…”Jere 29:11. Wise men have creation in their words. When things raise their ugly head against you, it is because you have not sat down to think. It is only in calmness you can find the right way. Every small thing carries greatness. I can’t explain but when you meet Mr. Mustard seed, he will explain. Wisdom is the antidote for bitterness. When you go through bitterness, wisdom restores back sweetness…see Proverbs 24:14 NIV].

The virtue of wisdom does not know your title, qualification and where you are coming from. Any man can see wisdom and misinterpret it. When a ruler makes a mistake, a servant can take over. Mistake does not know your title or qualification. Every man must live a life of great invention. You cannot be transformed except you open yourself to the truth…the bible said that you shall know the truth and it shall…” stop living the life of entitlement because it can’t help you. Men who depend on the life of entitlement will lose their title. It is time and chance that defines a man, so, be conscious of your timing. Faith is the clock of God. God has no wrist watch or calendar anywhere. Stop procrastinating because procrastination dwells in the bosom of fools. Anytime you are injured, I believe it is because God wants you to learn something. The bible said that a righteous man falleth seven times but will rise again. The rising again is the healing process. A man’s whose life is ordered by the prescriptions of the scripture….meaning he can still be paying his offering and tithe and falls and can still rise up. That you made a mistake doesn’t mean that God’s plan will be cancelled because of your mistake. You are not a carrier of light but the light. Your error today prepares you for glory tomorrow. Your error does not cancel God’s plans. If you fell before, you will rise again.

The virtue of wisdom does not know your title, qualification and where you are coming from.

Wisdom does not contend with others. Life is a questione-er. Men that answer the questions of life, rule in life. Until you begin to answer the questions of life, don’t ask God, why?

“If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom [is] profitable to direct.” (Ecclesiastes 10:10KJV)

Strength is a demonstration of knowledge; what you know. Some men pray a prayer that was born out of fear.

>>>2Chron. 7:14-15

Healing has its process in the scripture. When you have lost all and wants them restored, how do you do that?

1.You must be identified as a child of God: God will not give anything to a man who is prodigal. The prodigal son had nothing until he was restored. Being born again is the key. You won’t have your portion until you are a child of God… Mark 7:27].

2.Humility: to be humble is to give God credit in everything. “Pride [goeth] before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18KJV). See James 4:6 also. Anything that has pride in it, has God as an enemy.

3.Prayer: Luke 18:1. In the face of the storm, still pray.

4.Seek the face of God: you seek the face of God by studying and praising. Jere 17:14. So your praise is a provoker, you seek the face of God when you praise Him. Praise is a pleaser of God as faith pleases God. So when you praise God in the phase of affliction, He will raise you.

“I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving. [This] also shall please the LORD better than an ox [or] bullock that hath horns and hoofs.” (Psalm 69:30-31KJV)

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