SUMISSION: | Rev. Obi Peters

 Sun:1st Service | 10  Feb. 2019 | 7am


Nothing works for a man or in a system until people begin to submit themselves to rules and guidelines of that system. Submission is not possible with everyone; it is not everyone you meet must submit. There are people who it is in them not to submit. It has become a lifestyle to them because they don’t want people to lead them.

What is a system?

  • A system is an organization that is run or governed by principles, by a set of rules.
  • A system is a style for doing things.

The bible says that two cannot walk except they agree [Amos 3:3]. Meaning that a system cannot walk if persons involve have not agreed to the system.

If you are part of a church, then you must align yourself to the leadership style of the church. God will always plant a man with His purpose in his heart. We are the planting of the Lord. You are planted in church to be an offering. The value of an offering is determined by the one that offered it. If you in the first place have not valued your offering, it means that it will not have value.

It takes the mind of Christ to be submissive. The mind of Christ is the mind that loves, cares, seeks to perform the will of his sender. The mind of Christ is a righteous mind. If this quality is not found in you, then to be submissive will be a very big deal. The mind of Christ is a mind that is not pompous. There are men who are not pompous outwardly but inwardly are; it will show when they speak. To be submissive is to be a receiver of instruction. Instructions are the fibers that help us to function in the place of purpose. When you are a man who does not receive instruction, you cannot perform a given task properly. To perform efficiently to a given task, the willingness to submit to instructions will be in your head.


Guiding codes for submission:

Romans 13:1-7 [GNT]

You are not meant to be coarse into doing something, you are meant to decide. Anything God does, he leaves us to decide. For instance, Joshua said, ‘… this day whom you will follow…’

When you are doing something wrong and a man claps for you, that man hates you. But when you are corrected, it shows that he loves you. When you do what is good, your leader must praise you but when you are going against the instruction of your leader, it can hinder answers to your prayers. Even God wants to walk with men who will listen to Him. King Saul was rejected by God from being king because he did not do what God asked him to do. If you must win the heart of men towards you, it will work by submission.

Every minister is an agent of punishment >>see Rom 13:4b [NIV]. When you are doing wrong, things cannot go well for you. So, begin to make up your mind where you will belong. It is a terrible thing that you are doing something wrong and you don’t feel it; your conscience is dead. There are persons who are in church but are demon-members; all they do is to oppose instructions.

A wise man is not one that submits only to instructions but submits by conscience; that is the one God honours.

A man who lies and doesn’t feel it has a reprobate mind.

Any man who does not submit himself to leadership is a bastard. Submission might not come conducive; the condition may be hard for you but endure it >>>see Heb 12:7-8 [NIV]. Hardship you are able to endure equips you for the future. What proves that you are a son is because of the discipline that you go through.

Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father? If you are not disciplined (and everyone undergoes discipline), then you are illegitimate children and not true sons.” Heb 12:7-8 [NIV]

Further Study: Heb 13:7


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