THE FULLNESS OF GRACE : [Series-Pt4] | Rev. Obi Peters

 Sun:2nd Service | 27th  Jan. 2019 | 8:30am


A man who has the grace of God by his side is a man who lives by amplified result. The prevailing of a man is not because he is a hard worker but because of the grace of God. There is nothing that will enlarge a man outside the word. Prophecy can come and excite you to say that, “this pastor can see” …and so what? If you are a man that lacks the word, then you are finished. There is nothing that is greater than God’s word, a more sure word of prophecy.

I prophesy upon you now; between now and the month of March, whatever that has lacked in your life shall enter your hand!

John 10:7 >>>I’m the door of the Sheep.


How to put an end to foolishness: Proverbs 3:9

“Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:” ( Proverbs 3:9KJV)


  1. Honour: Shame came first of all as a product of dishonor to God. When you give God His honour, you end your shame. Poverty and wealth are the result of either honour or dishonor. No matter what you do to make money, if you made it by dishonest means you will also lose it.


What is honour?

Honour in the Hebrew word means kabad’, and it means weighty. Something that is heavy. It means to give God a position of regard that is weighty. Not to treat God as a-nobody. Not to approach God as an inconsequential man. It means to give unto God what will discomfort you. Give Him the weightiest place in your life. God can never choose for you; every man on earth is responsible for his choices.

Poverty and wealth are the result of either honour or dishonor

Kabad means to make God number one. When you honour God, He makes you a heavy weight because you can’t carry God and be light. You can’t carry God and the wind of life will shake you anyhow. The reason why a boy of 17years old will crush a 9 feet man was because of the God he carries. At the age of 12, the King of kings and Lord of lords were in the midst of Professors. You can measure your honour for God by how well you honour men in your life. If you can’t honour your friends around you, you can honour God.

“Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.(Ephesians6:2-3”KJV)


Your life will be a total shame if what you do is to carry your father/mother’s name everywhere that he/she is a wizard/witch.

Many are dying today because they call their father names. Untimely death is as a result of dishonor.

You can measure your honour for God by how well you honour men in your life

The role of a shepherd is to lead and guide the sheep. Until God becomes the leader of your life, you have not honoured God.



To honour God or a man is to end up being empowered. The leading came first before the anointing. If God cannot lead you, it means you cannot be anointed of Him [Psalm 23].

Poverty is not the right of believers. Every truly born again child of God should not be poor [Luke 4:18]. The bible said that Jesus became poor that we might become rich.

God anoints a man’s head to enhance his vision; to make him have a clear direction [Acts 2:17]. The bible said that the eye is the light of the body [Matt 6:22-23]. The first requirement for a successful life is the anointing. The oil will help you to discover what said in His word.



The oil comes to teach you: 1Jn 2:27. The oil is not the anointing because it is beyond that; the anointing is the Holy Spirit [John14:26].

The role of your pastor is not to pray for you but to teach you [Jere 3:15]. To primary role is to impart you with knowledge. The disciples of Jesus said to Him, “Lord, teach us how to pray”.

When men are taught, failures are eliminated, shame is never encountered, glory becomes the order, and excellence becomes the order. The problem of man is not the devil; we don’t have a full powerful devil. Satan only treads on our ignorance.

Job 36:12>>>Obedience is a preserver. Every death is not bad; there are deaths that God allows. For instance, when God told Hezekiah that he will die and he pleaded, God later spared him by adding 15 more years to him. Go and check the latter part of Hezekiah’s life, he died as a heathen and an idol worshiper.

Further Study: Proverbs 5:22-23

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