How to know men who are in service: | Rev. Obi Peters

Sun:1st Service | 30th  Sept. 2018 | 7AM

1John 1:5-9.

Seek to become the best because your best will take care of your rest. Agape is the love that ignores the errors of others. Your focus is the driver of your interest. The choice is always ours; God will not make a choice for us. Every man is a product of his choice. Let no man influence you. Nothing can conquer love because it is the greatest thing on earth. The bible said that miracle will end but love will not.

People who God cannot use:

God is not in search of masters but in search of servants- Psalm 89:20. There are persons God cannot use. God cannot use a man with master’s mentality. A man who is too big be corrected, instructed or

told what to do. Even till today, God is still in search of men whose heart is perfect towards Him. There is no share for you in the house of God if He has not seen your own share in service in His house.

The oil upon your head is for service. You are not in service if you cannot be corrected or rebuke, When you know the right thing to do but don’t do them. God is always searching for servants.

“This [is] a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.” ( 1Timothy 3:1KJV)

God is not in search of masters but in search of servants- Psalm 89:20.

How do you know men who are in service?

You are not anointed to announce your office. The oil upon your head is to announce your service. Bishopric is not by the regalia or title. Bishopric is an office. You are put in a place for service, not to be a Boss but to be an example. Any time you desire an office; don’t forget it is meant for work. Service is a good thing. Good works are not measured by titles; so, stop bragging about your office but brag about your work. Brag about the things you do in the house of God. Not the things you do for men to give you accolade.

There is no share for you in the house of God if He has not seen your own share in service in His house.

Stop oppressing people because of your place of office. You are meant to be a raiser not an oppressor of men. Good works are not measured by what you announce. The best quality of good works is work done in the secret. True service does not seek to conduct itself where the president or leader is around; it is eye service. One thing God rewards in service is a man who is actively involved in soul winning. The reason why God chose you is to bear fruit. Using your office as a tool to win souls… John 15:16.

The quality of your fruit is determined by the number of souls you influenced with your office. Before you say God must answer your prayer, you must ask yourself how many souls you have won for Him.

3 Categories of persons in church:

  1. Persons who hate the pastor, church, prayer and worship and miracles that happen: Judas never loved Jesus but was with Jesus. He was with Jesus because there were things he was benefiting. There are people in church like this- there are in church because of what they benefit.
  2. People who love the things of the church but never take part in anything happening there: your love is not enough when service is not in place.
  3. People who are always happy with the church, love the pastor and are part of service. They will be with you even if you scold them.

Heaven is meant for those who are faithful to God and service.

“His lord said unto him, Well done, [thou] good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”( Matthew 25:21 KJV)

Further study: 3John1

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