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2019-09-01, 20:41
These 3 years of being a member of this family has changed my life for good.
pastor clem
2017-08-17, 14:57
God of this commission has been so faithful to me. In short I am a living testimony. I came to this ministry frustrated, afflicted by the enemy. Since I contacted the God of HTP my life turnaround.i can stand and say a word and enemies will go on vacation. Praise the lord
2016-11-20, 17:50
Via the sprinkling of the miracle water by God's servant during the passover mantle night service, I was healed of breast and right shoulder severe pain of 1yr. The instant the water hit my chest I felt chills running down my abdomen, afterwards I couldn't find the pain. Althrough the service this Sunday I felt wholeness in my body for the first in over a yr. I am whole ....praise God
2016-11-08, 11:39
Higher Treasure is a place to be....
2016-11-08, 11:30
What makes a TRUE Servant of God is the ability to see and download from heaven what God is doing like John saw in the book of Revelation.

Rev. Obi Peters is one of that kind.