Higher Treasure Pavilion ministries Inc is a word based church with an in-depth understanding and operation of the prophetic oil. +++ +++ The ministry is raised to teach men their value placed and conferred on them by the redemptive grace of our Lord Jesus. +++ +++ It’s mandated to “Raise Treasures in earthen vessels, transforming them into true worshipers of our Lord Jesus Christ” II Cor. 4:7. +++ +++ God spoke to His servant via Exodus 19:5 “Now therefore, if ye will keep My covenant, then shall ye be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people!



Higher Treasure Pavilion is more than a church; it’s an end time movement with a mandate of raising treasures in earthen vessels and transforming them into 'true worshipers'. Beloved, we are living in the most interesting time in history where God's glory is moving in an unusual way. The day of His power where men will carry His glory literally to the street and market places. I see God already moving, touching lives... get ready for this power because it's not exclusively reserved for the clergy alone; you too is a partaker. Join us at Higher Treasure Pavilion- a hall of transformation. It promises to catapult you to your glorious destiny in God. The word is mighty & God via the Prophetic mantle upon my life is liberating destinies oppressed of the devil and his cohorts. Worship with us in any of our branches & let's have your comments, suggestions and prayer request via mail to: info@highertreasurepavilion.org              



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A husband returns to wife after she obeyed the prophetic instruction of the man of God. He was under a spell by a mistress who had hipnotized him through food. He abandons his wife for days, but Glory to God for restoration. 
A new door opens after too many years of toiling and frustration in ministry. This young man is a Pastor who has zeal for God but had struggled because satanic forces rose up against him and scattered all his effort, but to the Glory of God, a prophetic word of deliverance and restoration came via Rev. Dr Obi Peters, and that settled it.


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● After outing with his yahoo friend from Ghana, he urinates constantly on his trousers

We are living in the very last moment the bible calls ‘perilous times’. The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one, and that is evidently seen by the daily occurrences of inordinate evil vices in our society. Be careful of who you call your friends. You can imagine what happened to this young man who was at the mercy of his friend all in the name of association!


A friend of his who came back from Ghana, a yahoo guy though, had been given a task by a babalawo to perform a ritual right. Finally he arrive Nigeria, meets his old friend and took him out for a drink. Any other person would have fallen same of the trap; it could be you or another. Trust is like a double edged sword.

The outcome of the outing is this; he notices this frequent and uncontrollable urination on his trouser. A kind that has become an embarrassment to him, every now and then even in the public. Somehow at about that same period, he attended a mid-week service in Higher Treasure Pavilion and God via His servant, Rev. Obi Peters, located him by prophetic insight. Right there he urinated and got his deliverance. By God’s mercy, it happened when the yahoo friend was still yet to travel back to fulfill the ritual rights. God saved him and the affliction was reversed.

The bible told us that evil communication corrupts good manner. Who you call friends matter a lot. It’s important we look beyond the deceptive facial expression and make friends with those with the fear of God. Don’t just read, also share to friends so that you can save a soul today.



26th, 27th,Aug  to 1st,  Sept. 2019

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2019-09-01, 20:41
These 3 years of being a member of this family has changed my life for good.


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