The TREASURE PAVILION MINISTRIES is a word based church with an in-depth understanding and operation of the oil. +++ +++ The ministry is raised to teach men their value placed and conferred on them by the redemptive grace of our Lord Jesus. +++ +++ It’s mandated to “Raise Treasures in earthen vessels, transforming them into true worshipers of our Lord Jesus Christ” II Cor. 4:7. +++ +++ God spoke to His servant via Exodus 19:5 “Now therefore, if ye will keep My covenant, then shall ye be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people!

The Treasure Pavilion Ministries is more than a church; it’s an end time movement with a mandate of raising treasures in earthen vessels and transforming them into 'true worshipers' of our LORD Jesus Christ. Beloved, we are living in the most interesting time in history where God's glory is moving in an unusual way. The day of His power where men will carry His glory literally to the streets and market places. I see God already moving, touching lives... get ready for this power because it's not exclusively reserved for the clergy alone; you too is a partaker. Worship with us at The Treasure Pavilion Ministries- a hall of transformation. It promises to catapult you to your glorious destiny in God. The word is mighty & God via the Prophetic mantle upon my life is liberating destinies oppressed of the devil and his cohorts. Fellowship in any of our branches & let's have your comments, suggestions and prayer request via mail to:            



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2nd Friday:  | 8th  Feb. 2019 | 10pm


Acts 12:1-10

What are the days of the unleavened?

These are the days of freedom and liberty, the days God set on His heart for the fulfillment of His promises. Even in the New Testament, God has not forgotten His promises of the past over. The angel God sent to pass through the land of Egypt was the same angel he still sent to free Peter from prison. Christ is now our Passover>>>1Cor 5:7. Pass over means crossing over from affliction to liberty. From the place of shame and pain to a place of liberty. Please understand that we are no longer in the days of chains because Christ has been made our Passover. Even Herod could not kill Peter on the day of Passover because he knew that the Jews will trouble him, so he was waiting for after the Passover to kill him. Peter would have ended like his brother James but Herod could not because he was waiting for after the Passover. While Herod waited for Passover to be over, the angel appeared to Peter and took him away. The church did not pray blindly, they prayed with understanding.

So when men are saying wait for God’s time that is ignorance. There is no God‘s time after now. God is an ever present help. Now is God’s time. He is always in the now. Many have died waiting for God’s time; many have suffered also waiting for God’s time. So your time is now. Your healing time is now, your salvation time is now, and your deliverance is now. Beloveth, when you are praying, don’t pray with your eyes in the future; instead pray with your eyes now because faith is in the now. Pray a present prayer, a now prayer. Please season your prayer when your pray, stop reasoning your prayer by saying, can God answer me now? Why you are where you are now is because your prayer is filled with reasoning. You say, can anything God come out of your life? Stop that reasoning. A man was in affliction for 38yrs and Jesus came to him and said, can you be made whole? The man replied, “I have no man to help me.” The man’s life was full of reasoning. There is no prayer that you reason that can measure the mind of God for you. As high as the heaven is from the earth, that is how the mind of God is. So, stop your reasoning and switch on to your faith. A man that understands season will always live in the consciousness of angelic presence. You must understand that you are not alone. You must live your life in the consciousness of angelic presence at all times. Never think that when you go through pains that you are all alone. It was the same Angel of Passover that God sent to Jesus to roll away the stone; the angel of freedom. That was also the same angel God sent to Peter. Who is this angel? He is the door opener, our deliverer, our Passover, our light. Please hear me, never you live a day without the consciousness of your angelic presence because they are always there with you. The bible said that God will give His angels charge over you to bare you up in their hands lest you dash your foot against the stone.


It is an error that God came to answer you and you are still sleeping and down. When God sent the angel to Peter, he met him sleeping. May your angel or helper never find you sleeping when he comes to help you. When the angel came, he smote Peter by the side. Your angel will not take your action, so don’t be found sleeping in the place of affliction. Men are not moved by tears, it is your faith.

1. You must be willing to get up: from where you are, leave that old failure and tell yourself ‘enough is enough. Your next level answers to your rising. If Peter had not risen, he would have remained there. Men who rise don’t beg or complain. They don’t blame others.

2. Gird yourself: give yourself hope, encourage yourself. Don’t you ever see yourself as one who can never rise again>>>1Pet.1:13. To be girded means to always tell yourself what God says about you. Don’t buy what men say or let it trouble you>>>Ephe 6:14.

3. Tie your shoes: walk on word prescriptions. Let the word be your guide, not your mind>>>Ephe 6:15. Take steps that are word prescribed.

4. Put on your garment: it means forget about your shame, nakedness and what names they called you before. Put a new wonderful perfume as if nothing ever happened. Talk and walk like a king or queen. You garment is your glory, acceptance, consciousness, covering, new found figure. Stop trying to make men see how you have gone through shame. Put on a new look and garment and make others see you as if nothing happened.

5. You must follow your angel: God might send an angel in form of a man, so don’t always think they will appear with wings flapping. Don’t ever miss your appointment with your angel. As Peter followed the angel, gates began to open. There are gates that you cannot unlock but your angel will.


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